Diabetes Assesment

Diabetes and other health issues can cause patients to develop foot problems due to loss of sensation and/or poor circulation. A foot assessment is necessary every year if you have diabetes to identify any changes early, to provide advice on how to manage your feet, and to plan any additional care you may need to help avoid foot problems in the future.

Care & Treatment

An examination of your feet includes general health assessment, medication, risk factors, general foot assessment, vision, mobility, and the ability to care for your own feet.

Neurology: As part of neurology testing, you may be assessed as to your ability to feel light touch, vibration, and distinguish between blunt and sharp sensations in your feet.

Following your examination and assessment, our Podiatrist will work with you to formulate a treatment plan to prevent foot problems from occurring. With your permission, our Podiatrist will share this information with your general practitioner (GP)

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