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About Us

Home Podiatry is a private footcare service performed by expert podiatrists for all foot-related issues, across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Our dedicated team will provide you with compassionate, high quality podiatric treatment in the comfort of your home, office, residential and nursing home.

We have acquired a loyal client base due to the quality and integrity of our comprehensive care we provide to our patients.

We understand reaching for the right help at the right time for foot related issues can be challenging, but here, at home podiatry, we make sure to provide:

Highest standards of foot care, in the comfort of your home, office, residential and nursing home

Schedule your foot treatment whenever it is most convenient to you

Comprehensive foot care without the need to visit a clinic

Maximum comfort and privacy

No hassle for transport, traffic, or parking

Access to top quality HCPC registered Podiatrists

We provide medical care for the following services

Corns and Callus

Fungal Nail

Athletes Foot

Verruca Pedis

Cracked Heels


Discoloured nails

Ingrown nails


Achilles Tendon pain

Plantar fasciitis

Ankle Pain

Heel Pain

Flat Foot


Knee Pain

Diabetes Assessment

Leg Cramps

How it works

Who we visit?

We offer home visits to the following areas:

Yorkshire Area:










Sowerby bridge

Greater Manchester Area:










If above is not the area you’re situated, please feel free to email our friendly admin team, which will be happy to discuss your concerns and needs.

Request an appointment

Booking an appointment with Home Podiatry is your initial step towards helping your foot health.

To find out more about our services or to schedule your appointment today, please call Home Podiatry on 0800 0025513. Alternatively, you can email Admin@homepodiatry.uk anytime of the day or request a call back at a time that is convenient for you.

Cancellation and Rearranging appointments

We do understand at times, there can be emergency and unforeseen circumstances where you are unable to make your appointment.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required should you wish to cancel or amend your appointment. Where the clinician is unable to gain access to a property or an appointment is missed and/or is not cancelled within 24 hours of the start time the standard call out fee (currently £30) is charged. This must be paid by BACS or PayPal.

Thank you for your understanding.

Protecting Our Staff and Patients

Appointments for patients with severe dementia and/or lacking capacity to consent or communicate must be attended by a third party with responsibility for the patient. Patients whose behaviour is challenging must be disclosed prior to booking the appointment.

When scheduling an appointment, patients should be in a chair where they feel comfortable and where there is enough light for a Podiatrist to treat them safely. Pets and children should be supervised owing to the use of sharp instruments such as scalpels and chemicals.

In the event that the Podiatrist feels the space is unsafe or inappropriate, he or she may ask you to change settings or rooms. In such cases, the standard call out fee is still applicable. Currently (£30)

Our Podiatrists will always treat every patient with the utmost care and respect. Our Podiatrists expect the same treatment from patients.

When such behaviour occurs, we may terminate the appointment, video record the incident, and, if appropriate, report the individual to the Police. In such circumstances, the fee for the appointment remains due.

Concerns After Treatment

A podiatrist uses sharp instruments such as nail clippers and scalpels, which may result in cuts on the skin, bleeding, or infection on rare occasions. In the event, that you have concerns regarding your treatment, such as excessive pain, bleeding, or possible infection, you should contact your Podiatrist or the out of hours number within 24 hours of the concern arising. This will allow us to provide a prompt solution, like advice or a follow-up appointment.


All our podiatrists have completed years of rigorous foot and ankle training to improve the mobility, independence, and quality of life for our patients.

Our Prices


£50 (Call out charge and hoover after visit included)

Business offices

£60 (Call out charge and hoover after visit included)

Private residential and nursing homes

£25 (Call out charge and hoover after visit included)

Low income podiatry treatment

(If you’re on welfare give us a call on 0800 0025513 or email admin@homepodiatry.uk to discuss affordable options)

All prices have been updated on 04/06/2022

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Mrs Weinberg

Thank you so much!!. My mum said you've done a great job. You've been through her medication, medical history, and actually have helped massively. Thanks you Home Podiatry

Eli Goldmann

Service is quality, worth it all round. I've been qualified as a physiotherapist and my father has been experiencing ulcers for some time. Home podiatry, words are not enough what enthusiasm and indept knowledge you bring in to homes. My father is pleased to have contacted you. Thank you, Home Podiatry

Shaun Atkinson

Corns and callus cause me pain as a marathon runner to other marathon runners. Home podiatry for 30 mins, less hassle, gets the job done. Home podiatry, excellent service. Thank you, will continue with yourselves from now.

Mrs Meira Cohen

I have varicose veins and experience fatigue and aches. Last Sunday, Home podiatry explained my treatment options and measured my legs and provided stocking. They fitted perfectly and 1 week later I feel like fatigue and aches are gone. Top marks, will recommend.

Srg. John Bell

I have been to the GP, Physiotherapist, even other Podiatry private clinics. Non have cared more than you have done!. You treat the cause not symptoms. My daughter is walking better, the orthotics you have prescribed are 100% worth it. You will go far with your personality.

Miss Jenny Lee Davis

Thank you, Home Podiatry. I have realised that feet do exist and should not be taken for granted. Home Podiatry actually took the time and explain in laymans terms. Other Doctors use big words and it's made me neglect my feet as I didn't understand my condition. Honestly, Home Podiatry is worth calling. They know what they're talking about.

Mrs Emma Harrison

Home podiatry, thought I'd leave positive feedback. No private practice when they attend my home have ask to clean up after they've cut nails. You had the respect to clean up even after I refused. You'll go along way.

Mrs Samantha Higgins

My husband is a HGV Class one driver. He has been experiencing fungal between the toes for 15 years. A smart young man came to our home from Home Podiatry. He checked his pulse, sensation and did a full inspection. After seeing my husband he advised that my husband has neuropathy. Something that I did not know and other Doctors have not said anything about. I am grateful to that young man and Home podiatry. My husband is taking control of his health and his fungal is slowly reducing. Amazing service

Miss Alice Butterworth

I would highly recommend Home Podiatry. My grandma is 90 year old and she loves the quality of care she received and It's better than her old podiatry clinic by far. If my Gradma says this. Home Podiatry you're worth recommending!!!!

Dr. Langhari

I'm a GP and could honestly say I treat patients too much and forget about myself. My feet are not in good shape. Dr. A. Kahn is a incredible foot doctor. I trust him and will continue to book with Home Podiatry. Massive thank you

Michael Ward

After suffering painful dry/cracked skin on my heels and feet for many years and trying every cream on the market I finally gave in and called Home Podiatry. I had my treatment with Dr. Kahn. The guy does not mess about and is strict. Million times better on my feet and would recommend Home Podiatry to anyone suffering with the same condition. Looking forward to my return visit in June. Thank you bro

Miss Mary Stuart

Very professional and honest. Would highly recommend. All my family will continue with Dr. Kahn and we will not go anywhere else.

Mr Alan Ward

I'm a boxer and have a condition called a bunion on my left foot. I Called Home Podiatry to see what they are about. Had lady called Lucy to treat my feet. Since that appointment I'm miles better on my feet and I'm able to contact them for advice any time. You guys are better than my own register doctors.

Jessica Style

Ten out of ten service, gold standard treatment. My feet are bouncing with relief after 5 years of pain. Thank you Dr. Kahn x

Josh Emmerson

My dad is diabetic and went to walk right for an appointment in rochdale. He did not receive a good treatment. So we decided to call Home Podiatry. The service at home was quality, the information was vital, assessment was accurate. These people are angels. My dad thanked you in person and would like to give a review based on treatment. Thank you Home Podiatry for making my dad happy. All my family and friends will be recommended to you