Our Values


A key intrinsic value that we uphold here at home podiatry. We believe that is the building block of our company. At home podiatry, we have a duty of candour.

Open Mindedness

Having an open-mind makes us at home podiatry naturally inquisitive. We believe that everyone has the right to their own autonomy; this is important as the patient is as equally involved as their clinicians leading to better health outcomes.


This is prominent across diverse cultures and ethnicities. The role it plays in healthcare is an essential factor in initiating treatment. We put patients’ needs at the centre by providing them with a respectful and personable service.


We will continue to provide the right information, at the right time, delivered in the right way, and increase our patients ability to take a more active role in decision-making for their own health.


Professionalism is a powerful quality; we consistently deliver the highest professional standards at Home Podiatry. This adheres to the college of podiatry requirements.


Our patient database is highly secured and systematically ordered; this helps us to implement faster and efficient decision making, with improved operating efficiency, greater performance, and eliminating duplication of work, alongside with better communication.


Our staff at home podiatry are well grounded, friendly and easy to communicate with. They will always go the extra mile to help and provide an in-depth explanation of what your treatment concerns are.


Our success is the continuation of the Professional Development that will drive us forward, enabling us to keep our skills and knowledge up to date and allow us to practice safely and effectively.


Our services are of great importance in healthcare as the demands of the NHS are high and the impact on the NHS has made us proactive in planning ahead. We therefore aim to be available if urgently required.


At home podiatry we believe that effective teamwork reduces errors, increases patient safety therefore leading to a happier workforce and healthier patients


Reliability is a core element of our company and is fundamentally important to build constructive relationships with our patients. We promise to deliver consistency from start to finish. Every patient reflects our quality standards.

YES to Home Podiatry!