Heel pain

Heel pain is a condition that can be caused by many aetiologies


Achilles tendon rupture
Achilles tendinitis (Insertional and Non-insertional)
Bone tumour
Fatty Pad damage or atrophy
Haglund’s deformity
Heel spur
Osteomyelitis (a bone infection)
Paget’s disease of bone
Peripheral neuropathy/ neuritis
Plantar fasciitis
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Reactive arthritis
Retrocalcaneal bursitis
Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint disease)
Sarcoidosis (collections of inflammatory cells in the body)
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Stress fractures

Care & Treatment

There are numerous causes to cover in detail here, but our Podiatrist will be able to assess the cause of your heel torment and propose a arrange of treatment to assist you.

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