Fungal nails

One of the most common conditions affecting nails is fungal infection. Infections can range from mild to severe and can affect one or several nails.


Walking barefoot in communal areas
Injury to the nail
Circulatory issues: Those with diabetes have a greater chance of developing an infection.
Athlete’s Foot: Because this condition involves the same fungus, one can trigger the other.

Symptoms & Identification

Yellow or brown discolouration
Thickening brittle appearance
Odour and debris under nail

Keynote: Athlete's foot can spread to the toenail if not treated early

Care & Treatment

At Home podiatry, we can assess the nail and remove / reduce any uncomfortable or unsightly portions of nail as required with a nail drill or nippers. Antifungal nail lacquers and Oral anti-fungal are available to prevent nail infection from occurring or reoccurring. With any fungal nail treatment option, the infection can take anything from 6-18 months to fully clear, this is because this is how long it takes for a toenail to grow.

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